Project 10K20 provides Saskatchewan artists with $10,000 each to record, mix, and master an album.

Congratulations to our latest Project 10K20 recipients!



1. What is Project 10K20?
Each year Rawlco Radio will provide $10,000.00 to twenty Saskatchewan artists or groups to help them create a finished CD.

2. How do I apply?
a. 10K20 applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.
b. Click to download an application Form
c. Complete the application.
d. Submit your completed application via mail or email with all support material (CD/MP3) to:


Project 10K20
Rawlco Radio
715 Saskatchewan Cres. West
Saskatoon SK.
S7M 5V7

3. After I apply, what then?
Your application and support material, (CD demo, bio etc.) will be received by programming personnel at Rawlco Radio. You will receive an email notifying you that your 10K20 application has been received.
If you are approved, you will be contacted.

4. If my application is approved, how will I receive the $10,000.00?
a. If you are approved, you will be contacted and provided with $1,000.00 to assist you in the pre-production phase of your CD.
b. When you are ready to begin recording, a further $5,000.00 will be provided.
c. When the recording phase is complete, a further $3,500.00 will be provided for the mixing and mastering phases.
d. When your project is complete, you will provide Rawlco Radio with a mastered CD and then you’ll receive the final $500.00.
e. If you do end up manufacturing your CD, Rawlco Radio requests ten copies.

5. Can I use any of my 10K20 funds for the design or manufacturing of my CD?
10K20 funding is intended primarily for the completion of a finished master. Your funding should be used to complete the pre-production, recording, mixing and mastering phases before being put towards CD design or manufacturing.

6. When do I repay Rawlco Radio the $10,000.00?
The funds advanced to you are to be considered a loan, which is forgiven in its entirety (meaning you owe us nothing) when we receive your mastered CD.

7. Is musical or technical advice available to me throughout my project?
Yes. Harreson James is a consultant to Rawlco Radio Saskatchewan and is the Executive Producer of Project 10K20. He will contact you if your project is approved and is available to help guide you through the process.

8. Who owns the finished master CD?
You do. Any revenue generated from CD sales belongs to you. You retain ownership of your songs and you will also receive all broadcast royalties due you.

9. Will my CD be played on the radio?
Your CD will be reviewed by our programming departments, as are all CDs we receive from record companies or individual artists. Airplay is not guaranteed and ultimately depends on the quality of the finished tracks and how they fit the format of the station.