Regina Charities Receive over $10,000 through Jingle Bus

The City of Regina and Rawlco Radio partnered together for the second year to provide free transit for one weekend leading into the Christmas Holidays to encourage people to use the transit service but also to raise over $10,000 to a couple of Regina charities.

This year, the event ran from Dec. 16-18 and raised $4,732.45 in donations from riders for the Salvation Army and Regina Food Bank.

“It shows the caring side of our community,” Mayor Michael Fougere said. “They know exactly what's happening, it is free but they put the change from their pocket or purse into the fare, all very helpful.”

“The weather has an impact on how people travel, no question, but it is one of the busiest times of the year for Christmas shopping last weekend.”

Rawlco Radio matched the donations made by transit-users, and topped off the donation at $6,000, to bring the total to $10,732.45.

The money will go towards helping over 300 families this year for Christmas.

“It will guarantee that the family will get food for Christmas day, stuff for breakfast, lunch and supper,” Val Wiks, with the Salvation Army, said.

The Salvation Army and Regina Food Bank are making around 3,000 holiday hampers this year.