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980 CJME’s Uncover the Cure

980 CJME's Uncover the Cure

Local health care enhanced through community partnership
Uncover the Cure cocktail party raises $70,490 for Prostate Assessment Centre


May 25, 2018, Regina, SK – The 11th annual Uncover the Cure Cocktail Party has raised $70,490 for the Prostate Assessment Centre at Regina’s Pasqua Hospital. Proceeds from the event, which has become the premier annual cocktail party in southern Saskatchewan, will help fund advanced technology and equipment used in the detection and treatment of prostate cancer.

Uncover the Cure has raised almost $1.1 million since 2007, helping to establish the Centre and provide it with life-saving technology and equipment. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer affecting men, with one in eight men being diagnosed. The Prostate Assessment Centre plays a critical role in providing patients with early detection, diagnosis and treatment. Last year alone, more than 400 men received biopsies at the Centre.

“The Foundation is proud to partner with community-minded organizations like Rawlco Radio on initiatives that enhance local health care, and ultimately save lives,” said Hospitals of Regina Foundation President and CEO Dino Sophocleous. “The Prostate Assessment Centre is a vital piece of the puzzle in the battle against prostate cancer, by providing timely and effective diagnosis and treatment for men across southern Saskatchewan. We are grateful for the hard work and generosity of Rawlco Radio, and the donors who support events like Uncover the Cure.”

“At Rawlco, we are committed to helping make lives better for people in the communities we serve,” said Tom Newton, Rawlco Radio’s vice president and general manager. “That commitment includes our support for Hospitals of Regina Foundation and the Prostate Assessment Centre, which is having a very real impact on the lives of men in Regina and across southern Saskatchewan. We are proud to continue that support for local health care through events like Uncover the Cure.”

No one loves being in radio more than we do at Rawlco Radio! We’re a private, family-owned radio company. We work really hard every day to provide truly great radio stations to our listeners and clients in the communities we serve.

In 1987, an inspired group of volunteers came together to make lives better for the people of southern Saskatchewan. Their vision helped establish Hospitals of Regina Foundation. We fundraise and invest in key centres of care in Regina’s hospitals, with a goal to help establish the best health care possible for everyone in our community. Because of you, our most dedicated donors, the Foundation will continue to support the critical work of our medical teams and, most importantly, patients who need Regina’s hospitals.