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C95 Radio Marathon

C95 Radio Marathon


The 2018 C95 Radio Marathon for Breast Cancer Research raised $358,310 with over $4.6 million dollars raised since the C95 Radio Marathon began 19 years ago. This year’s Marathon showcased stories from breast cancer survivors who turned heartbreak into inspiration.

Patti Morrison shared her story of being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer stage four in August 2017.

“My prognosis with no treatment was six to nine months. With chemotherapy and hormone therapy, three to five years. I am on the three to five year plan with gratitude, knowing that I have had one year thanks to the breast cancer research and donations from wonderful people. It’s the research that’s keeping me alive. “

Through the support of our listeners, the survivors, community fundraisers, and corporate partners, the C95 Radio Marathon has become the largest and most successful fundraiser in support of the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. Donations come from all walks of life and no amount is too small!

Here are just a few of the outstanding donations made today:
• Gordon & Jill Rawlinson
• Saskatoon Firefighters
• Kindersley Composite High school
• Saskatoon Medical Imaging
• Wild Pink Yonder Charitable Society
• Orano Canada
• Nutrien
• Cabaret for the Cure

We also received an incredible $100,000 donation from an anonymous donor! Thank you to everyone in Saskatchewan who got involved and donated generously.

All partners involved with the Marathon share the same goal – to find a cure for a merciless disease that knows no boundaries. Proceeds from today’s event will be used by the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency to provide resources that help Saskatchewan researchers work toward finding new treatments for those affected by breast cancer in Saskatchewan each year.