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Why Radio

Why Radio

Radio is Local.  The most local medium there is!

Radio reaches more customers than any other medium.

Radio is personal.

Our listeners, your customers, have an emotional connection with their favourite radio stations and radio hosts.  They tune in often, think of their favourite hosts as friends, and trust the information they hear.

Radio connects with your customers’ imagination.  Words, music, and sound effects create powerful theatre of the mind.  Radio cuts through the clutter in our distracted world.  Build your brand with great creative, frequency, and consistency.  Inspire action and deliver results!

Radio reaches 90% of Canadian adults every week (Numeris Canada 2017).

AM/FM Radio is the audio source listened to most in the car.

Radio: 63% of adults 18+
Music collection: 22%
Satellite Radio: 6%
Online Audio: 4%
(Edison Research Canada 2018)

82% of Millennials listen to the radio for an average of 13 hours each week.
(Numeris Canada 2016)

More than 75% listen to the radio on the way to the store.
(Radio on the Move: Fall 2016)

Rock 102's Spring Invasion is a huge party - radio has reach!